Another Book Haul!

So it seems that I just can’t help myself when it comes to buying books.

Here’s a little haul of the books I’ve purchased/been given over the past month!

The Victorian Underworld by Kellow Chesney

I absolutely love learning the nitty gritty bits of history as well as all the gory details. This book documents the goings-on of the Victorian underworld, it looks into the penal methods of that time and takes you on a trip down all the back alleys of Victorian London.


The Power by Naomi Alderman

My friend read this book and said it was amazing and then bought it for me for my birthday. From the blurb, the book seems like exactly my cup of tea. I’m sure when I actually sit down and read this I’ll finish it in no time!


A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains by Isabella Bird

This book was mentioned in one of my university lectures and I went straight on Amazon to order it. It’s the diary of Isabella Bird who, in 1873, she embarked upon a solo trip to the Rocky Mountains. At a time when it was completely frowned upon for women to be explorers, Isabella subverted this notion and started her own adventures.


Wicca Moon Magic by Lisa Chamberlain

Quite a bizarre choice but I’m really interested in Wiccan perspectives and, as you can guess by the name of my blog, I am obsessed with the moon. I’m really excited to read about how the moon becomes integrated with this spirituality and how that connects to your body. Definitely one for reading by the moonlight…


One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

Another book mentioned in my lectures. I have heard a lot about this book but my lecturer pitched it as a comparison to a capitalist world, rather than just a fantasy novel based around magical realism. I’m very intrigued to see if this is the case.



Thanks for reading!

Hopefully (for me, not for my bank account) I’ll be writing another book haul post in the next few months!

Zoe xx






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