My Experiences Attending the Women’s March 2019

Hi everyone, Just yesterday I attended my first ever Women's March in London and I thought now would be a great opportunity to write down some of my thoughts. I actually wrote my 12,000-word university dissertation on the Women's March in 2017 so I would say I'm generally quite clued-up on what it's about, what... Continue Reading →



Hi everyone, I can't believe we're already 12 days into the new year. Even more so, I can't believe that I haven't gotten round to writing my 2018 wrap-up/yearly review and a "hello" to 2019. First things first, I guess I should say that the reason I haven't managed to find the time to write... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! This is my last post before signing off until the end of the year when I'll hopefully be back with a yearly wrap-up. As with all the tags I do, I'm not specifically tagging anyone but if you read this and really want to join in then please do! I would... Continue Reading →

My Life in Books Tag

Hi everyone, Sorry for doing another tag, but I've just been seeing so many that I love the look of! As always I'm not specifically tagging anyone in these but just feel free to join in if you want! #1 Find a book for each of your initials Z - The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane... Continue Reading →

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I think we could all do with a little more positivity in our lives and it's a great idea to take a few minutes out of your day to think of all the things that make you smile. There's beautiful things in every day life (they don't even necessarily need to be huge things) and... Continue Reading →

Autumn Wrap-Up

Hi everyone, Instead of doing individual reviews for all the books I read during Autumn, I thought I would write a wrap-up full of short and snappy thoughts on the books I read. Enjoy! #1 Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell This is one of the books that I've actually written... Continue Reading →

Winter TBR

Hi everyone, It's now time for another seasonal TBR. My Winter TBR doesn't feature as many books as my Autumn TBR and that's because I'm predicting I won't be reading as much as I want to (mainly becaise of Christmas celebrations and the Christmas countdown). However, this is definitely a TBR list I'm super excited... Continue Reading →

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