Bookish Gift Ideas

Hi everyone, Christmas is coming! I've already made a start on my Christmas shopping (I wanted to get started early this year as I can't stand the stress of presents potentially not being delivered on time/stock selling out/the shops being PACKED). As it's the season of giving, I thought I would compile a little bookish... Continue Reading →


Struggles of a Recent Graduate *UPDATE

Hi everyone, I'm stating the obvious here by acknowledging that I haven't been writing much on my blog. The main reason for this is that I have spent most of my time job hunting and, consequently,  struggling to find a job. (I'm hoping this post doesn't turn too much into a rant about the job... Continue Reading →

Classics I Want to Read in 2019

Hi everyone, Classics are, without a doubt, some of my favourite books to read. I love delving into a book that tells me so much more than just its plot. Classic literature can reveal so much about how people used to live, history and how society treated people. Often, I find that Classics have incredibly... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Tag

Hi everyone, So I haven't actually been tagged in this, but I loved all the questions so much and loved reading other people's answers that I wanted to do it anyway! (I wonder, can you tell that I really love Autumn by my previous posts?) I found this specific tag on Abbie's blog, a fellow... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Autumnal Films

Hi everyone, I don't know how many times the past couple of weeks I have tried (and failed) to write a  blog post. Everyday I opened up the page, typed a few lines and then deleted it all. I'm sure we've all been there before... After a few coffees and a bunch of brainstorms, I've... Continue Reading →


There's no season I love more than Autumn (or Fall if you're across the pond). There's something about it that just incites so much inspiration and hopefulness in me. I could talk about, think about and write about Autumn all day. I wasn't really sure how this blog post was going to turn out. I... Continue Reading →

Review: Persuasion by Jane Austen

Hi everyone, I have just finished reading another Jane Austen book that was left-over from my Austen August month. Persuasion is the last novel fully completed by Jane Austen before her death, however it was posthumously published six months after her death. The book was actually named by her brother, Henry. There is still no... Continue Reading →

My Autumn TBR

Hi everyone, As Autumn is slowly creeping up on us, I thought now would be a good time to write a blog post about what I'm planning on reading in the months of September, October and November. I've stopped doing TBR's regularly because, honestly, I just can't stick to them. I struggle to decide what... Continue Reading →

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